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Labour & Employment Law

With the largest team of management-side labour lawyers in Northern Ontario, Weaver, Simmons LLP works with clients to build strong employee relations by addressing issues that arise during the hiring process, during the employment relationship, and during the termination of employment process.

Weaver, Simmons LLP represents employers in union and non-union related disputes. We provide accessible, practical and cost-effective advice on all human resources law issues. The firm represents a wide variety of private, public and broader public sector clients in labour and employment law matters.

The Labour and Employment team at Weaver, Simmons LLP is able to provide advice on all issues including human rights, collective bargaining, interest arbitrations, mergers and acquisitions, occupational health and safety, workplace safety and insurance, job evaluations, pay equity, pension and benefits, privacy information and protection, confidentiality, wrongful dismissals, contracts and restrictive covenants, arbitrations, hearings and trials. When required, we can arrange and conduct client seminars to review areas of labour or employment that may be of particular interest to our clients.