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Episode 11 – In Trouble with the Law? What To Do From Arrest to Trial


In this episode the Hosts meet with Michael Haraschuck, a partner of Weaver Simmons, who has been practicing criminal law for 17 years. The hosts ask Mr. Haraschuk about the questions we are all thinking about criminal defence lawyers, most importantly “How do you do it?” from a morality perspective. Mr. Haraschuck references a book written by the late Eddie Greenspan “The Case for the Defence” (Hardcover; Toronto: Macmillan Of Canada, 1987; ISBN-13: 978-0771594953). The hosts then get into what one must do when they are arrested and the things to look out for. Mr. Haraschuk gives some great insight into the basic Charter rights that we have as individuals and what our rights are vis a vis the police and the state. Lastly the hosts discuss the timelines of how long a criminal case can expect to take from arrest to trial!



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