Jane Doe 464533 v. N.D., “The Legal Side of Sending Sexy Selfies” – CBC Morning North

Recently, Mr. Chohan of our firm was interviewed by the CBC regarding his case Jane Doe 464533 v. N.D.

In this case the Plaintiff has commenced an action against the Defendant, for allegedly posting an explicit video of her on a pornography website.

The Plaintiff obtained Default Judgment against N.D. in January, 2016, as he was self-represented at that time, in the amount of approximately $140,000. Mr. Chohan was then retained by N.D., and successfully brought a motion to set aside that Judgment in a decision rendered by Justice Dow.

The Plaintiff then sought leave to appeal the decision of Justice Dow but she was denied that request. The Plaintiff is now represented by Torys LLP.

The action has now reverted back to the pleadings stage. Ms. Muscolino and Mr. Chohan of the firm are now handling this matter going forward on behalf of N.D. and expect to take this matter to trial.

Here are the links to the various decisions in this case:

The matter has also been extensively reported on by the media.

Here are the links to the various articles that have been written about it:

We will keep you updated as this matter progresses through the Court.

Below you will find Mr. Chohan’s interview dated March 24, 2017, recorded live at the CBC Sudbury studio.